5 Fun Games You Can Play With Your Dog

Do you like spending time with your dog?

We do too!

Not only does spending time with your dog help you bond and build everlasting friendship, it helps relieve stress, keeps your dog busy and happy, and enhances obedience training! Just remember to take breaks and stay hydrated when playing under the sun!

The 5 fun games you should try with your dog:

1. Water Hose

Pick a sunny day. Set up your water hose so that it shoots out gentle water jets. Maneuver the water hose and watch your dog wag their tail and chase after the water jets around the yard!

The bonus? You can give your dog a bath while playing this game!

2. Soccer

You will need a soccer ball to play this game. First, let your dog get acquainted with the ball, and then kick it away and get them to chase after it. Once they get to it, let them play with it for a while before kicking it away from them again. Repeat until it’s treat time!

3. Doggie Basketball

This game is super easy to learn and set up! Do you have a laundry basket or a round bucket? Great start! Secure it so it’s not easily tipped over. Drop the ball into the bucket while you give the “drop” command. Repeat doing it a few times, make sure your dog is paying attention. Now pass the ball to the dog as it is their turn to dunk the ball into your bucket. Remember  to give the “drop” command, and don’t be stingy with treats when your doggie eventually scores a dunk.

4. Hula Hoop

How cute would it be to have your dog jump through a hula hoop! Start the game by holding the hula hoop upright on the ground and lure your dog to go through it. Once they get used to the idea, then you can raise the hoop higher and higher off the ground and encourage the dog to jump through it! This is fun and your dog will get a good exercise out of it!

5. Hide and Seek

The rules of this game are simple: you are the hider and your dog will be the seeker. If you are playing in an unfenced area, make sure your dog is extremely well trained, otherwise you probably wouldn’t want him to wander around off-leash.

Start the game by getting your dog to sit and wait. Take some time to find a decent hiding spot (make sure your dog isn’t peeking), and then shout his name when you are ready. This is a great opportunity to include some obedience training as your dog will be taught to sit until you call out his name.

Prepare lots of treats! Even though nothing is more rewarding to a dog than the sight of you, you know they deserve some treats when they find you!


Feel like enjoying these games with a dog-owning buddy? We present to you, DoggyDatez! The app that revolutionizes socialization between dog owners!


DoggyDatez – At the Core of It All

A short while back, the nice folks at Rescuecom approached the DoggyDatez team and offered to write a blog on DoggyDatez. We were incredibly flattered and did our best to provide answers to the series of questions that they asked.

Here is how that conversation went down.

DoggyDatez featured on Mashable as #2 Must-Have Dog App

DoggyDatez featured on Mashable as #2 Must-Have Dog App

What are some statistics on DoggyDatez?

DoggyDatez was voted “Must-Have App for Dog Owners” by Mashable!

Before we took over DoggyDatez on November 2012, the average number of downloads per day was 1, since we revamped the app, now we average about 12 downloads per day.

Our Twitter handle @DoggyDatez has gathered 1700 followers!

What are the most popular dog breeds enrolled on the app? etc.

That would be Chihuahua! How cute!

Why should a dog owner use DoggyDatez?

DoggyDatez is a free location-based social app that features a gaming element that appeals to the competitive spirit of dog owners. At Appetite Lab, we care deeply about the well-being of dogs and dog owners, our goal for DoggyDatez is to makes dog owners’ lives (and their dog’s lives, of course) more fun, to forge connections between dogs, dog owners and dog lovers. We are constantly releasing new features to do just that! Beautiful friendships can definitely start and bloom on DoggyDatez, between dogs or humans!

How do you become a TopDog and what are the rewards?

You can become a Top Dog by being active, marking, creating, hijacking and owning the most territories. Appetite Lab is currently working on an upgrade that will reward Top Dogs extra “DogMiles.” This exciting new release is due in a couple of months, and will include many other exciting features for our users.

What other aspects of the game side are there?

Currently we have hijacking and skyjacking.

Skyjacking: Our latest gaming feature! You can now use your DogMiles—points you gather by marking territories—to “fly” across the world and Skyjack other people’s territories. By “marking your territory”, you’re taking ownership of an area (200m radius) in the physical world and seeing who else “visits” your spot, just like dogs do!

Hijacking: It’s just like skyjacking, except you can only hijack the territory of where you are in the physical world.

What are some other future plans for DoggyDatez?

We are releasing DoggyDatez 3.0 in a couple of months, this will be the first time we announce it publicly! The new release will include many features: we will enhance the already-popular Skyjacking, provide an enhanced profile that will allow our users to showcase their dog’s personality and uniqueness, let users share information and ratings on dog parks, and of course, release the previously mentioned improved Top Dog and better rewards.

Anything else you want to mention?

Appetite Lab takes a unique approach to app development. We are tech-savvy marketers, we use state-of-the art technology to develop our own products, but we also put our marketing magic to good use by helping other app developers and investing in profitable ideas. Before we acquired DoggyDatez back in November 2012, the average number of daily downloads was just a little over 1, in just over 2 months, we transformed it completely. Now DoggyDatez is performing a lot better and we are grateful for the recognition we received from Mashable. We will continue to stand by our loyal fans and all dog owners in the world, and enrich their lives with DoggyDatez!

Go ahead and read the full article here: DoggyDatez Is Social Experience for You and Your Dog.


DoggyDatez 2.0: The Best (and Cutest) Celebration Cake Ever!

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Appetite Lab Satisfies Its Appetite with DoggyDatez 2.0

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